Take the 50/50 Challenge!

50% Tips for 50 Days to Help Returning Workers Get Back on Their Feet

Hair stylists, barbers, servers, massage therapists, pet groomers, drivers, housekeepers and other hard-working individuals who rely on tips make our lives better every day. Now it’s our turn to help make their lives better.

Most weren’t able to work due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. As they return to work, let’s help make up for their lost income by committing to 50% tips for 50 days.

Show your appreciation and support—take the 50/50 Challenge and spread the word!

What You Can Do

Take the 50/50 Challenge yourself!

If you’re able, commit to 50% tips for 50 days. This goes for any worker you would usually tip. No need to post pictures of receipts to prove it—this is all on the honor system.

Challenge others!

Challenge your colleagues, clients, employees, business contacts, friends and family to take the 50/50 Challenge with you.

Here are some ways to do it:

Challenge Cards

Print out Challenge Cards and hand them out with your business card. You can send them digitally, too.

Note: we set these  up to PrimoPrint’s 2×3.5 specs, as they have excellent prices and quick turnaround.

Email Template

Email your contacts to invite them to the challenge.

Spread the word on social media!

Tag your “challenge-ees” on social media. All the social media resources you need are available for download and distribution. This toolkit has been created to raise awareness for this campaign, so please share! You are also free to customize or create your own pieces to challenge people within your community.

Here are some ways to do it:

Profile Photos

 Cover Photos

Do you accept the challenge?

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